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A role model for all, busy and talented Laila Ali now a Tradition honoree

Ali will be honored as part of the 2016 Tradition at The Sports Museum in Boston. As is typical of Laila Ali’s life, while we were in the middle of talking, she’s making turkey tacos and preparing soup. She can not only knock you from here to Mars, she can comfort you with a spectacular […]

5 Struggles of Female Sports Journalists

ENTITY spoke to Lesley Visser, the first female NFL analyst on broadcast television, the first woman to be recognized by the Pro Football Hall of Fame and a well-known pioneer among female sports journalists, to learn how women can succeed in the “man’s world” of sports journalism.

5 Seconds of Fame: YouTube Covergirl Clip

When Meghan McKenzie and her friend Addison Brown attended the Baltimore Ravens’ game against the Pittsburgh Steelers in November, neither of the 12-year-old girls expected to be approached for an interview with Covergirl — but that’s exactly what happened. Featured in the YouTube video, called “Introducing Rantin’ and Raven with Lesley Visser,” it has been […]

Advice from the Champions

Advice from the Champions

Five members of our Champions Class of 2016 came together April 13 at the CAA World Congress of Sports in Los Angeles and during a panel discussion shared the advice they would give to young people looking to establish themselves in sports.