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Named No. 2 in the History of Sideline Reporters, First Female

Lesley was the first female sideline reporter and was named number 2 overall in a Sports Broadcast Journal article. Sideline reporting dates back to the first Super Bowl in 1967 and to 1974 for college football. It was introduced as a regular feature by two legendary broadcast executives, ABC’s Roone Arledge and his then executive

Lesley Featured on The Defo Show

Lesley speaks with Jeff ‘Defo’ DeForrest on the popular sports radio podcast “The Defo Show” on 940 WINZ/1230 “The Zone” about being included in the all-time greatest voices from television and radio as NFL celebrates 100th season.

Lesley featured speaker in celebration of the 100th season of the NFL

As part of the celebration of the NFL’s 100th season, Lesley was on a panel at the Paley Center in NY with former CBS Sports President Neal Pilson, Giant legend Carl Banks, NFL historian Joe Horrigan and moderator Kenny Albert to discuss professional football over the decades.