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1-On-1 With CBS Sports Legend Lesley Visser

CBS Sports icon Lesley Visser is no stranger to Minnesota. She spent much of 1991 and 1992 here covering the World Series, Final Four and Super Bowl 26 — where she was the only woman to have ever presented the Lombardi Trophy. “I was here so much that I was on the cover of ‘Northwest […]

A Memoir of Breaking Barriers Now Available on Amazon for Pre-Order

For a limited time, Lesley Visser’s new book, “Sometimes You Have to Cross When It Says Don’t Walk: A Memoir of Breaking Barriers” is available at pre-order pricing. You can pre-order either the Kindle or Hardcover version scheduled to be available for shipment on December 26, 2017. Lesley Visser is living proof that, no matter […]

The 15 Best Nonfiction Books Coming Out In December 2017

Before the clock runs out on 2017, publishers have a smorgasbord of new releases that are just waiting to find their way onto our bookshelves, digital or otherwise, no matter if we’re looking to gift them or keep them. Among the biggest coming in December are memoirs by big names such as actress Tiffany Haddish […]